From telling your brand story to honing your identity, we work to make your proposition compelling

We are told what helps us stand apart is an ability to work to bigger pictures.  We have a reputation for being able to quickly understand our clients’ businesses and their marketplace - always seeing challenges first-hand.  Through the talent we have, both creatively and commercially, we are able to shape brands which inspire and sell.

Our passion is in making a difference and helping each partner build brand equity as a result of our creative and commercial input.  That passion extends to supporting your marketing power whether you are growing with an exit in mind, or with another strategic plan. Today we deliver three principle brand services:

Brand EnVisioning

We will take your business on a what is a consultative, creative and transformative brand programme designed to align your brand to match perfectly your customers' perceptions.  In-depth, consultative, collaborative and creative, this journey delivers new understanding throughout your business and delivers the media, creative assets and toolkit you need, including:
  • Customer Insights & Perception Studies
  • Identity EnVision
  • Brand Narratives & Story
  • Vision, Values and Tone of Voice
  • Customer Experience
  • Employee Experience
  • IP/Trademark Assistance
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Internal Workshops
  • Brand Presentations/Brochures

Brand Creation & Repositioning For Growth

Start-ups and established businesses both have the same challenge, "where should we pitch the business or product?".  Our skill and expertise is in finding that perfect place with the identity and narrative to achieve it those outcomes. We have a long history and portfolio of work of successfully created or repositioned B2C and B2B brands.   Over that time we have honed our methodology and have continually built upon that experience by investing into superb creative and marketing talent. Alongside the narrative and creative parts we support you in the strategic development of the brand, including its “brand promise” to customers, its relationship with the “customer experience” and how it is rooted within your organisation, specifically how it is supported by all

Brand Marketing

Your brand is a living, breathing organic entity.  Legally it is your but it is really owned by your customers.  However, you have the greatest influence on how it is perceived and in who it reaches. Our brand partnership role is to ensure it is always as compelling, succinct and memorable to customers and this requires ongoing support.
  • Brand Positioning
  • Regular Customer Insights
  • Customer Service
  • Brand Design
  • PR & Communications
  • Digtal Marketing
  • Traditional Marketing
  • Advertising


Focusing on aligning your brand to your customers’ expectations.


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Covid-19 Statement - In response to government advice, we have temporarily closed our offices, including our head office in Canterbury. Staff will be working from home, until further notice and will be contactable by phone and email. We have prepared for this contingency and will continue to provide undisrupted services to our clients and will continue to closely monitor the situation and governmental advice.