PPC Agency in Kent - PPC Agency in Kent

We tell our clients exactly how many leads or sales our PPC campaigns generate through advanced Google Analytics tracking and dynamic dashboards. What sets us apart is the insights we gain through analysis of this data, which allows us to constantly improve campaigns, ensuring the best ROI for our clients and creating better business.

Trusted Client Success
/ Client A: We improved their clicks by over 300% month-on-month without increasing budget, just with a tweak to their existing strategy.
/ Client B: We have helped generate record yearly traffic levels on their corporate site with a number of successful export campaigns around the globe, we overachieved on key revenue targets for their ecommerce platform.
/ Client C: The PPC campaign we set up for this completely new brand was their top source of enquiries for their first four months as a new business.

What does PPC bring to your digital marketing strategy?
PPC, or pay-per-click marketing allows you to advertise across multiple online locations, only paying when a target user clicks on an ad. ​ Whether Google search PPC, where your website appears in target search results, or banner ads running across the Google display network, pay-per-click marketing is the fastest way to drive targeted website traffic and brand awareness/enquiries/sales.​

Why choose us for your PPC campaigns?​
We know that the key to a successful PPC campaign is to review and optimise regularly. We don’t just set up PPC campaigns for our clients and forget about them. On a weekly basis, our PPC executive team will review your campaign, adjusting bidding strategy and negative keywords, and on a monthly basis we produce a report which we talk you through in person, suggesting optimisation options.​

We make every penny you spend on paid ads work as hard as possible for you. Every click, website visit and sale resulting from your PPC campaigns are recorded. Many of our clients end up reallocating marketing budget from elsewhere because the results from PPC are so clear and measurable.​

The PPC marketing landscape is constantly evolving​
Our team maintain agility with your campaignsdue to Google, and other pay-per-click platforms constantly evolving their own products (sometimes positivly, sometimes negatively). We stay on top of industry updates, and will proactively approach you with suggestions on how to use the new tech and ad formats. Alongside the potential impact this will have on your marketing strategy.

We work seamlessly with our SEO team, making sure that keywords research is incorporated into your PPC strategy. For example, if we notice that a term’s trending in organic search, we make sure this is incorporated into the relevant PPC campaign. More broadly, PPC is just one essential tool of a digital marketing strategy, so we make sure our PPC campaigns join up not just with organic search, but also UX and social media marketing too.

Trends, insight and old fashioned common sense
Data is not a problem when it comes to PPC marketing strategies and to be honest, most agencies across the world will do similar implementations. Our difference is our team of intelligent common sense experts.

That is the secret to a REALLY good campaign. Taking thousands of hours of experience and being able to interpret the data to produce meaningful and clear strategic suggestions to you.

This diversity brings many unique perspectives to any client challenge to ensure every strategic decision is well thought out. The benefit to you? This whole team effectively gets wrapped up into one super human that works with your team.

Catherine Cooke​
Digital Strategist​

Catherine heads up the Digital Performance team, overseeing Digital Strategy for Think Studio’s clients, making sure the digital marketing we do for clients is aligned to broader business and marketing objectives.​

She has many years experience of digital campaign planning, specialising in social media, content, research and analytics.

Harry Wall​
Paid Search and Social Media Specialist​

Harry covers our PPC and Social Media offering, from Google PPC to social media advertising and community management.​

Harry has a diverse skillset, from expert PPC management to compelling copywriting.

Dickson Li​
SEO Specialist​

Dickson covers the Think Studio SEO offering, specialising in technical SEO.​

He’s also an expert in digital B2B and B2C marketing with knowledge of web development, data visualisation and data tracking.

Jessica Smith​
Digital Executive​

A recent graduate in Strategic Brand Communications, Jess recently joins us from South Africa. She is passionate about all things digital with a particular interest in content and writing.

Andrew Richardson
Customer & User Experience Strategist

A heavy weight in creating the perfect Customer and User Experience. His knowledge supports the team to optimise conversion rates by taking over from where the data points to problems, allowing Andrew to remove pain points and address the causes.

Andrew has a passion for taking the most complex problems and creating simplicity.

Chess Vincent
Consumer and Social Psychology

Specialised in Consumer and Social Psychology, Chess brings insight into long established principles of consumer needs and persuasion techniques, along with recent research into changing perceptions and trends. She deploys this knowledge throughout digital campaigns, from the roots of strategy to creative design inputs, ensuring every campaign is not only targeting the correct people, but also persuading them effectively.

Our Google PPC products
All campaigns are unique to each client partner. To give a starting point, we've created three intial products to enable us to start a conversation with you.

Basic Google Search PPC - Starting at £800/m​onth
/ Up to three campaigns​. Could be:
A brand campaign
A product campaign
A competitor campaign
/ Up to 10 ad groups
/ Smart bidding strategy​
/ Daily Optimisations
/ Monthly Reporting

Advanced Google Search PPC - Starting at £1,400/m​onth
/ More than three campaigns​
/ More than 10 ad groups
/ Manual bidding strategy
/ Daily Optimisations​
/ Weekly Updates​
/ Monthly Reporting​

Display and Retargeting - Starting at £700/m​onth
/ Standalone Google Display campaigns
/ Display campaigns to support search campaigns​: Same as the above, but including the Display campaign to run in tandem with your search campaigns from the basic or advanced packages.
/ Retargeting – Basic​: Serving Display Ads to anybody that has visited your website in the past - reminding them of their experience on your website.​
/ Retargeting – Advanced: Serving bespoke Display Ads to people that have visited any particular page or pages on your website. This could mean serving product gifs & stills with a sales CTA to somebody that visited that product’s page on your website. This could be replicated across any number of pages on your website.

What is the difference between Google PPC Manual Bidding and Smart Bidding?
Smart bidding strategy​ You set a goal for the advertising and set the campaigns up to spend towards that goal with a pre-agreed budget. For example, you might just want as many clicks as possible at the lowest possible price. A smart bidding strategy will automatically let Google run the most cost effective campaign.​

Manual bidding strategy​ You take the control away from Google’s algorithms and into your own hands. This means manually setting and adjusting CPC on all individual search keywords based on actual results and their individual performance related to the campaign objectives​.

What does PPC stand for? 
PPC stands for ‘pay per click’. In a PPC campaign, advertisers will pay for clicks to their website. PPC is commonly used as a digital marketing tool across search engines. Google is the most popular platform to deploy a PPC campaign.

How does PPC bidding work? 
PPC bidding essentially takes place in a blind, virtual auction that is hosted by the search engine you are running your PPC campaign with. Advertisers are bidding for clicks on keywords that their customers are using to search their services online. Bids are usually won by the advertiser with the highest budget or best ad content.

What is PPC management? 
PPC management is the process of making sure the health of a PPC campaign remains strong and adheres to best practises. Successful management of a PPC campaign should be a vital part of your strategy. Stringent PPC management ensure that clicks are being generated at a healthy level without spending more than your budget allows.

If your PPC campaigns are not managed properly it can impact your performance. If not monitored regularly, your PPC ads could be generating clicks at a higher cost than your budget would allow. Alternatively, improper PPC management could see your ads stop running altogether due to your bids being too low.

Pay Per Chuckle: how to be creative and fun with your PPC campaigns

Sound like what you need?

Covid-19 Statement - In response to government advice, we have temporarily closed our offices, including our head office in Canterbury. Staff will be working from home, until further notice and will be contactable by phone and email. We have prepared for this contingency and will continue to provide undisrupted services to our clients and will continue to closely monitor the situation and governmental advice.