How do you tell a media world you have changed, you are now a bigger proposition, and how do you demonstrate your success around the world?

Cover launched as Cover Media in 2008 as a new entrant into a big media space.  Building on their editorial feed platform and content distribution network (CDN), their agency has expanded significantly and now offers an end-to-end content solution.  Today, Cover has evolved to become a highly respected, international content agency with offices in six countries, offering premium market-ready image, article and video packages for digital, print and broadcast media.

Fortunate and proud to have maintained a trusted relationship for almost a decade with Cover Media, we were delighted that Co-Founder and CEO, Matthew Walker, and COO, Glen Marks, turned to us to answer their next marketing challenges. They were aiming to:

  • Revisit their brand strategy and optimise for their next period of growth
  • Redesign their brand and principal marketing media

A bolder brand 

Able to chart their journey from start-up, we were confident in evolving the brand narrative to tell their compelling story and reflect their growth and development.

Believing a simpler and bolder strategy was more than justified, we posed renaming to simply Cover.  We also felt that, as the proposition had changed, so should their pitch – to ‘international content agency’.  Neither a difficult sell.

As we were able to chart Cover Media’s journey from start-up to now, we were more than confident in evolving the brand narrative to tell their compelling story and reflect their growth and development.

We believed that a bold and concise strategy was more than justified and as such, we posed renaming Cover Media to simply Cover, along with a new spin on their pitch to match their proposition as an ‘international content agency’.

A sharper look

The brand repositioned and, with the words tied down, we turned to develop the visual identity.  Working together with Cover, we developed a new logo that was simpler, with some added personality to the typeface, all whilst maintaining ties to the original.

A confident business

Our new strategy has helped embolden Cover and establish a distinctive proposition capable of enticing prospective and existing media companies and standing apart in their sector.

“The new brand identity, and how it has been translated to the website and our communications, has given us a new level of confidence as we continue to grow and evolve.  Already, when we are speaking with or pitching to clients we’re doing so in a transformed way.  I see we are not only more purposeful and confident, in terms of our brand, but are also benefitting from a clarity in who we truly are.

Mathew Walker, CEO

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