Focusing on aligning your brand to your customers’ expectations.


Focusing on aligning your brand to your customers’ expectations.

Critically its approach is not to (re)frame the obvious but to delve deeper and base decision-making on perception and insights gained from not only the executive but also your team, customers and wider stakeholders.

  • Customer Insights Surveying
  • Team Insights Surveying
  • Insights Report
  • Brand Alignment Report
  • Naming
  • Messaging
  • Vision, Values & Voice
  • Brand Identity Creation
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Brand Presenter

How does EnVisioning support your brand ambitions?


Having clarity, or the facts, can help make better decisions. This is nothing new, but our EnVisioning Programme’s approach is focused on delivering the answers you need to best position your brand, appealing to your customers in the right way and amplifying your brand values to the marketplace.

During our EnVisioning Programme we may challenge your existing thinking, based on evidence, or we can often deliver the nuanced detail which can refine the distinctiveness of your brand.


Confidence is everything and will reinforce your business and marketing plans. It will also permeate down through your team, enhancing pride and real commercial strength, from your sales to communications to staff retention.


Creativity is one of the essential ingredients to inspiration and engagement and comes in many forms, whether through words, imagery, graphics or multi-media. EnVisioning again helps find the right approach and creative blend.


We have a mantra that brand consistency breeds confidence, confidence breeds trust and trust breeds loyalty. An investment into ensuring brand consistency therefore delivers a long-term return on its investment.


Brand equity can often be overlooked. A powerful, recognisable, respected and influential brand can add equity value to your business. EnVisioning builds brand equity and highlights how this can be built upon and enhanced.


week 1


Asking the right questions and finding your narrative.

The programme begins with a guided open meeting with the leadership team, allowing each person to offer their insight, knowledge and to outline any brand related challenges. This phase creates the essential starting point and context and starts to form a first understanding of the leadership’s perspective on the business’ virtues and values. Whilst this group’s perspective will be healthily tested and challenged, the vision portrayed and sense of company-wide ethos they believe in forms part of the brand EnVisioning framework.

Tested Insight

Challenging views, speaking to staff and customers.

Through speaking to your wider team, especially those who are customer facing, or working at the front line in customer service, we delve deeper to understand the true brand landscape at all levels of the business. Critically, we also confidentially speak to existing customers – prospective, new, long-held and even declined – as well as other stakeholders whose views you feel are relevant, to critically appraise what customers value, or otherwise, about your business. Part of the interview process is to test the brand’s positioning, which of course is largely subjective.
week 3

Feeding Back

Presented summary of perspectives, insights, analysis and narrative.

We deliver a precis of all views, highlighting commonality and whether there is strong enough evidence to re-evaluate the values the leadership team believe are of greatest importance to customers. Taking the collective learning we begin the process of shaping your brand, including a test narrative and suggested customer aligned messaging. From the evidence we have gained, we are also able to highlight how the brand can most effectively be repositioned, and the required creative direction to achieve this.
week 4

Creative EnVisioning

Visual and verbal brand identity and media concepts.

Visual and verbal brand identity and media concepts.
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