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WordPress Developer with a difference

We are looking for a mid-weight WordPress developer with tip-top organisational skills to join our established development team.

You will work on projects for leading clients across a wide range of industries but also be heavily involved in scheduling the workload across the wider development team. so, it’s a great mix of planning and doing.

You should:

  • Be a seasoned WordPress developer that likes being hands-on, but is looking for a little more variety and the opportunity to impact projects from beginning to end
  • Have process-driven management skills
  • Have presence and ability to influence
  • Have high standards and a drive to deliver a polished end product
  • Be a team player who enjoys collaborating with other Developers, Designers and Project Managers
  • Have experience in an agency environment

Your responsibilities:

  • Participate in project planning to ensure the right people are on the right jobs
  • Design and implement website architecture, in line with the client’s ambitions
  • Implement templates and components to match designs
  • Write good, clean, standards-driven code
  • Support fellow team members with code reviews & collaborative feedback
  • Testing, debugging and fixing bugs
  • Involvement in technical discussions about innovation, bringing new thinking to the wider team whenever possible
  • Schedule workload across the development team
  • Interact with Account Managers across the lifecycle of digital projects
  • Be a conduit between AM’s and the dev team, troubleshooting and answering ad hoc questions
  • QC

Expected skills:

  • Highly proficient in HTML and CSS/SCSS
  • Good understanding of PHP and Javascript
  • Experience of WordPress development
  • Experience of common WordPress plugins, e.g. ACF, WooCommerce, etc
  • Working knowledge of professional development practices such as version control, build tools and code standards

What you’ll get:

  • You’ll be part of a hard-working & dedicated team within Think One – a communications company connected through marketing, technology and digital businesses
  • You’ll have influence to improve processes and the band-width to use your experience to make better business for our clients
  • You’ll have ownership of end-to-end management of dev projects, with the satisfaction of a job well done
  • We strive for a relaxed, friendly, collaborative approach to work
  • 28 days paid holiday
  • We run an evolving Think Perks scheme that includes bonus days off for outstanding work
  • Impressive Perks package with budgets for training, wellness, food and fun:


ADDITIONAL 1 day (or 2 x half days) ‘perk’ time off to take at short notice. Whether you need to have a duvet day, recuperate from a busy project launch, attend a doctor’s appointment in work hours, to be in for a sofa delivery, after a hot date or, well, just because. We only ask that you do this whilst being mindful of any client or internal commitments made prior, ensuring that your planned work and any pressing actions are covered.


  •  DISCRETIONARY half day ‘perks’. When the need arises, we would also love to say thanks for making the extra effort in living our values and delivering
    outstanding. Quietly and personally, and at their discretion, Partners will say thanks for going above and beyond by adding a half day to your ‘perk’ account.
  •  TEAM dates. Each month, we would like to treat two of the team to have lunch together. It is a chance to get to know each other a little better. Picked at random, the first name out of a hat decides where to go and you’ll have a total of £30 to spend. (During lock-down, we’ve upped the ante and we’re offering 2 treats a week – someone will get a £35 voucher and someone will get £15).
  •  HAPPY birthday. How nice would it be to have a lie-in on your birthday? When your special day lands on Mon-Fri, we’re happy for you to come in a little later so you can have a leisurely start to the day. We’ll see you at 10am. Then when you’re in, we’ve got your cake covered. It will be good. We can’t promise the singing will be.
  •  BIG Mac. If you would like to use your personal Mac for your Think work (either by getting a new one or using an existing one), we will contribute £40 a month towards you doing this – and the hardware remains yours! (There are a few modest guidelines around usage – more info in our handbook).
  •  SNACK wall. When we can all be together again, we’ll keep you in snacks (sweet, savoury and of the fruity kind). Whilst we’re remote, we’ll sort occasional tasty letterbox drops too.
  •  FRIDAY early doors. We finish at 4.30pm on a Friday.
  •  RECRUITMENT incentive. If we’re on the lookout for a bright spark and you know someone, we’ll give you £150 of vouchers if they make the cut and pass their 6 month probation.*
  •  WELLBEING for all. We want to make sure that you take some time out to relax and get centred. That’s why we’re offering everyone £50 towards a wellness treatment each year.
  •  TRAINING & development. We want to support you in extra-curricular learning, particularly if it will have a positive impact on the Think business. As such, we will contribute £100 a year towards a paid course. Please submit a short proposal on email for approval, outlining why you are looking to take the course. The money will be reimbursed on receipt of your fee payment.
  •  THE ANNUAL ‘THE ONE’ award. At the end of every year, each team member gets to nominate someone that they feel has lived our Think One values in the most dazzling way. They might have delivered outstanding at every turn, continually knocked your socks off with their creative prowess, been the ultimate team player, or been the one that always gets stuck in first. Every nomination will be read and considered, and the winner will be announced at our Christmas party. They will receive £250 of vouchers of their choice, by way of thanks for their positive impact on the team and clients.
  •  PARTY on. We’ll have some sort of fun get-together twice a year; once in the summer and once at Christmas. They won’t be awkward or overly fancy, they’ll just be a nice opportunity to get everyone together over a few drinks and some nice food.
  •  THE BIGGIE commission incentive. You’ll get a 5% reward for bringing any self- generated new client business opportunities our way. Whether from personal contacts, networking you do or even friends & family, we would like to say thanks. You’ll get 5% of any billed value in the first 12 months, payable monthly on receipt of a paid invoice from the client.

All perks are subject to discretion & review and some are subject to passing your 6 month probation. We will give 30 days’ notice of any changes.

*The candidate can’t have already been put forward by our designated recruitment consultant. And the incentive will only be paid out after the 6 months (but it’ll be worth the wait).

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