Working to Make Our High Streets More Relevant

Working to Make Our High Streets More Relevant

The highs treets are having a tough time right now, so Think Studio, wanted to look at how local destination marketers can fight back! Before any town & city centres, local authorities or other place-management organisations can take action, we identified that they need a communications channel they can access, control and shape to their needs.  Hence, the MyTownMyCity platform was conceived.

Think, in partnership with MyTownMyCity, made a joint application for support funding from the Technology Strategy Board to explore how AI and machine learning could be incorporated. After this was a success, we embarked on a project to devise a prototype ‘Suggestion Engine’ which used marketing information provided by local businesses, anonymised user profile information and other contextual (place, time, location) data with signalled personal preferences, to generate highly personalised suggested results.

In thinking about the project dynamics, scoping the prototype specification and developing code, we were able to deconstruct the perceptions and behaviours of local users and businesses, drawing upon our insight, research, experience and real data.

Working with Microsoft, they have helped us to see the impact that this application could have on a global scale. That’s no mean feat! Think Studio is developing this thinking and integrating a local suggestion engine into an entirely re-imagined and redeveloped MyTownMyCity, which has already attracted the attention of Kent County Council.

Covid-19 Statement - In response to government advice, we have temporarily closed our offices, including our head office in Canterbury. Staff will be working from home, until further notice and will be contactable by phone and email. We have prepared for this contingency and will continue to provide undisrupted services to our clients and will continue to closely monitor the situation and governmental advice.