Five reasons why PR could benefit your business

As the communications industry becomes more blurred in our current digital age, it can be harder to define the impact of the individual marketing channels on your business. Rather than analysing them separately, it is important to view all the elements (branding, marketing, advertising, web, PR) and gain a good understanding about how these mediums all work effectively together and feed into a main overriding communications strategy. Ultimately this overarching narrative, which unites all your communications channels, should be the first nut to crack when brainstorming a new or refreshed direction for your brand or business.

PR is a very powerful tool within this communications mix, as it’s a means for really propelling your brand message and emotionally engaging with your audiences. As a starting point, here are five ways PR could benefit your business:

Firstly, PR can help you ignite conversations about your brand and these conversations don’t just exist in the traditional form of the printed press and TV channels (although still an effective way of reaching your target audience) but also online through bloggers, vloggers, podcasts, content for social media as well as ambassadors appointed by you to talk about your business. This online chatter can increase your SEO brand awareness but maybe more importantly, it proves that people are engaging with you and your brand values which can lead to a long-lasting relationship with your target audiences.

And these conversations position you as credible as today’s consumers are media-savvy and they can easily recognize when they are being talked at rather than an impartial recommendation from a journalist or a recognized face within the industry. PR can introduce your brand and its values to key influencers and utilize their powerful voices to tell your story.

PR can also enhance internal relations as your sales and support team are effectively your biggest ambassadors because of their direct interaction with your customers. It’s always worth including key members of your team in communications workshops so they take on board your brand values. If you work with a high-profile ambassador, consider hosting an event or meet-and-greet with your team so they feel the buzz too and this enthusiasm will trickle down in the way that they talk about you to your customers.

Sometimes incidents occur beyond your control and you might need the power of PR to protect you. Whatever industry you operate in, it is always essential to have a detailed crisis management plan to ensure that you are in control of the situation rather than the situation taking control of you.

And last but by no means least – it can cause a sales uplift which ultimately drives your business. Let’s use the M&S £45 black jumper that Meghan Markle wore to her second Royal engagement, by way of example, which then immediately sold out. Yes, a slightly frivolous point of reference but you can still see how the right product positioned in the public eye with the right audience creates a ‘desire’ which leads to purchasing.

These are just a few of the key ingredients to help your brand flourish in the public eye. We always love a conversation about brands and their challenges & opportunities, so do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like our opinion or a sounding board for your ideas.

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