10 ways to think about shaping your brand for success

One of the most common mistakes business make with regards to their brand is that they consider their logo, name or website as the sole holder of their personality. In fact, whilst logos and other physical identifiers can be imbued with meaning in time, the real hero of your business is your underlying brand strategy.

Often, it’s the things customers can’t see that really make the impact; it is those hard-to-place feelings and sub-conscious thoughts that influence how we perceive a product, a service or a company. And these all need to be thought about and influenced if you want to elevate your brand, be it to drive sales, recognition or interactions. This is done as part of a long-term brand strategy, which a successful company should adopt alongside any ambitious sales, acquisition or retention targets.

To get under the skin of what your brand really stands for, here’s some easy pointers to get you thinking:

1. Understand Yourself – What is your defining purpose? What should be admired about your brand? What are you trying to achieve? What’s your mission?

2. Be Distinctive -Why should customers choose you? What makes you a different, better choice for them?

3. Be Focused – Keep messaging simple and memorable

4. Be Consistent – Your visual and verbal identity should be aligned in all your comms. This contributes to recognition and loyalty.

5. Get Emotional – Emotional responses are a very powerful component to drawing people to your brand, so think how you can make this connection.

6. Be Flexible – Times change, so does the market. Businesses that don’t evolve and refresh their brand can get left behind, so look to the future and understand where you need to be in order to grow alongside the needs of your customers

7. Bring Everyone with You – Ensure your team and your past customers are kept informed as you change. If they understand the direction and vision, they see your relevance and become advocates and ambassadors for your brand.

8. Build Relationships – Think about your interactions as the opportunity to have a dialogue with your customers. These opportunities should never end, so at each touchpoint in your process, think about how the next contact will look and feel

9. Be Human – Behind the screens and supply chain processes, we all respond well to the human touch, so make sure the language you use in print and in person reflects this.

10. Say Thanks and Mean It – This reminds customers that they are valued. Loyalty is priceless and builds the bottom line.

Alex Ridings is the founder of Think Studio, a brand and marketing agency based in Kent. Find out more think.studio

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