Why thinking bravely can be a marketer’s biggest asset.

In today’s world, thinking of bravery as a brand asset is something that all businesses should consider, especially when it comes to their communications plans. In business, bravery can be showcased in various guises and utilized in many ways.

I believe that bravery is an integral part of a brand strategy, where marketers are tasked with building distinctiveness. It is an easy and comfortable ride to ‘stay with the pack‘ and exist within your category’s norms, but if you want to be a market leader or challenger to the crown, you need to be brave to be different – from championing innovation or by confidently positioning your brand in a novel and diverse way.

Bravery is not just about taking risks, it is also about being increasingly bold, keeping focused, remaining driven in your thinking, acting with integrity, innovating your product and investing in talent with different skill-sets. It can enable you to challenge people and ideas and it can lead you to trust in creative thinking, ideas and concepts that might otherwise seem unconnected to your everyday.

Context is, of course, important. Having had wide experience of working with company leaders and senior marketers across the business spectrum, whether showing entrepreneurial drive in launching a new venture, forging ambitious strategies to enter new markets or channeling passion around a killer idea at start-up, I can see that, unless there’s a natural maverick leader at your helm, marketing bravery is often misunderstood and under-valued.

Arguably, the biggest inhibitors of growth in many businesses is succumbing to comfort in their status quo and the fear of failure when it comes to ambitious and novel brand plans. Many organisations seem to employ bravery in their thinking when a business is starting, when it is in trouble and when growth is needed. However, it’s important to see that bravery is needed for the entire lifecycle of your business – think about ways that you can embed it in your everyday values.

By embracing bravery and harnassing the surge in productivity that this brings, it has the ability to drive forward a business.

So why not give it a go. A brave new world is waiting for you.