vertemax: Partnering with an Ambitious Leader

Building market share within the construction sector for over a decade

Partnering with an Ambitious Leader

vertemax, formerly Tammet Systems, had been building market share within the construction sector for over a decade. Their reputation had centred around edge-protection (safety barriers and equipment protecting those working at height) for formwork-based construction. Despite already having some international reach, Tammet Systems had committed to launching in Canada as their first North American venture, whilst also aiming to expand supply and distribution links within Europe. They had already begun to evolve their marketing and business strategy, with new products added to their range, including access solutions, site security and lifting products, offering diversity and scope to their brand.

Looking to reposition themselves in the market, Tammet Sytems approached Think Studio looking to undertake our EnVisioning Programme, with the aim to rebrand entirely, from their name, right down to their colour palette, launching in Canada and Europe at the same time.

Finding the Point of Difference

As with every EnVisioning Programme project, we focused on building perspective, understanding what key stakeholders saw as being the company’s differentiators, plus what opportunities their strategy was planning to meet and exploit.  

Through private sessions with the leadership team, a range of customer facing team members, and past, present and prospective customers, we built an in-depth picture of the company and were able to distil the essence of their brand.  

This phase brought some powerful clarity to the leadership team who were pleased they were all aligned, and even more pleased with how their internal company values were being reflected to them from their marketplace. This made sure to reinforce the groundwork they had already laid.

The biggest weakness found was how the marketplace had not appreciated the full depth of product and service available to customers, but of course this was already a major driver in this exercise. We would work with Tammet Systems to service this gap in the market.

Creating the Workzone Safety brand

The next stage of the EnVisioning Programme required forming the reflective words that underpin any brand development. It was important that these words projected the brand and market values.

The foundation for the brand narrative was a concept of ‘workzone safety’, a phrase that perfectly illustrated not only the scope of the product-line but worked perfectly with the industry’s holistic ‘zero harm’ approach.

Introducing this message as a masthead to the brand would give significant marketing mileage, both inbound and outbound.

It’s All In the Name

One of the most challenging parts in any rebranding process is naming.  For this project it was a fully collaborative process, with our role to initially compile a first phase of options.  We presented over 50 names from which together we shortlisted most both in style and form.  Our objective was to arrive at a single word name that would offer no trademark conflict and would allow us to build brand IP equity going forwards.  We arrived at ‘vertemax’.

An Identity Befitting A Global Presence

Forming a creative from a strong narrative and brand strategy is a rewarding experience and is made easier with all the other constituent parts in place.

Both the final logo and colour palette, a new striking off-cyan blue, portray a bold and confident business. This all worked to reflect the attitude and confidence of the company when atop a high-rise construction site in the city.

CX Focused Websites

From the Discovery phase, we learned how most users would be product end-users working on site accessing the site on their mobile. Therefore, the site needed to offer a corporate marketing experience as intuitively as it serviced end-users looking for product information and tech sheets.  In digital brand engagement, meeting the expectations of all users is the biggest challenge to overcome, whilst also expecting that the scope will grow and develop as new marketing priorities evolve.

International Brand Engagement

Following the rebrand launch, we have supported Vertemax to implement a consistent brand engagement plan. Attributable across the business and all territories, the plan’s core objective is to ensure Vertemax’s voice as a market leader is heard and is reaching the right stakeholders across chosen channels, including search, social, email and also on-sites through the client-services network.

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