Flutter Butter

Flutter Butter: An Irresistibly Tasty Competition

An Irresistibly Tasty Competition


Flutter Butter is a whole new way to feed birds.  Sold in no-mess, easily-recyclable pods, Flutter Butter can be screwed into handy feeders in just seconds to create instant feeding points to attract birds, Made from no-salt peanut butter, it offers irresistible down-to-earth goodness which birds can eat all year round.

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Flutter Butter is made by birdcare specialist, Jacobi Jayne, also behind dozens of other premium birdcare products and brands.  Jacobi Jayne tasked Think Studio with delivering a new customer awareness campaign, reaching out to new prospective customers and promoting the virtues of Flutter Butter and a new way to feed birds.


The obvious starting point was how to target new prospective customers and whether this should be those already actively feeding birds with other products, those interested in garden wildlife or enticing new enthusiasts full stop.

Second to that was therefore how to reach them and offer a compelling incentive enough to deliver the results expected.

Jacobi Jayne was a fantastic client to collaborate as they were open to fresh thinking, and they supported our initiative to run a competition campaign offering people the chance to win £2,500 in garden centre vouchers.

We ran a linear single-channel campaign on Facebook which would deliver the reach we needed. This also tested the social media channel’s viability for future larger campaigns, proving it to be an effective and influential channel.  Keeping a tight focus, we decided to target current bird care enthusiasts.

The campaign delivered to and exceeded expectation, giving strong results not only in building marketplace brand reach, awareness and entrants, but in the social media engagement it also stimulated.

  • Successful campaign delivery
  • New marketplace brand awareness
  • Updated marketing database
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