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Celebrating Over Two Decades of Innovation with RUD

Posted by Robert Bailey

Celebrating Over Two Decades of Innovation with RUD
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Having worked with RUD in partnership for over two decades, we are thrilled to continue innovating and driving new sales growth together. Our longstanding collaboration has once again borne fruit, this time through the creation of compelling short-form social media content and a fully immersive product landing page.

Fully Animated Video

Our latest collaboration began with the creation of a fully animated product video. From storyboard to final cut, we meticulously crafted this video to showcase the extreme conditions the product is designed to withstand and how it revolutionises the industry. This dynamic visual narrative not only captures attention but also conveys the product’s robust capabilities in a way that resonates deeply with our target audience.

Immersive Landing Page

Building on the animated video, we developed an immersive landing page that further engages users by drawing them into the product’s story. This interactive experience guides users through the product’s features and benefits, leading them to a natural conclusion: to reach out for more information. By splitting the video into digestible segments, we created a seamless journey that educates and inspires potential customers, making the landing page both informative and persuasive.

Strategic Social Media Campaign

To complement the video and landing page, we devised a comprehensive social media strategy aimed at targeting customers across LinkedIn. Utilising both organic and boosted posts, we ensured the campaign reached a highly relevant audience. This multi-faceted approach reinforced our message and drove engagement, maximising the campaign’s impact.

Impressive Results

Our combined efforts have yielded impressive results. The campaign has led to a 366% increase in enquiry rate across 3 months, demonstrating the power of innovative content and strategic distribution. This significant uptick not only highlights the effectiveness of our latest initiatives but also underscores the enduring strength of our partnership with RUD.