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Laravel development: Industry leading aviation procurement platform

Posted by Robert Bailey

Laravel development: Industry leading aviation procurement platform
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We are thrilled to announce the launch of a groundbreaking procurement platform developed in collaboration with our client partner, Spaero. Over the past two years, our dedicated Laravel development team has been hard at work crafting an industry-disrupting solution designed to connect global Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) organisations with suppliers.

The new platform is now live and rapidly gaining traction with an ever-growing list of industry names from around the world. Tackling the complexities of order flows, shipping, billing, compliance, and governance posed significant challenges, but our team’s relentless effort has paid off. The result is a user-friendly platform that simplifies the procurement process and offers a revolutionary approach to the market.

Laravel has once again proven to be an exceptional framework for creating bespoke Digital Experience Platforms for established organisations. Its flexibility and robustness have been instrumental in developing Spaero, enabling us to deliver a seamless and efficient solution tailored to the needs of the procurement industry.