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Project rescue

No matter the challenge, we can get your project back on track. Whether it’s escalating budgets, scope creep, technical difficulties or a gap in capabilities, we’ll give you a fresh perspective and a plan to turn things around.

Every project can be saved.

No matter how well-planned a project, things can happen that derail the milestones. Challenges such as technical difficulties, team performance or logistical & locational constraints can result in escalating budgets and extended deadlines, all impacting business operations.

You’ll likely be looking to understand where the causes of these challenges are coming from, then we’ll help you get a fresh, confident perspective whilst creating a new plan to bring the project back to life.​

No matter what stage of the project you’re at, or how far from centre you’ve drifted, we bring our process and controls to ensure your project gets back on track, moves forwards and goes-live successfully.

How project rescue can help you:

Rebuilding​ – Whether you’re navigating a broken system or a one written in an obsolete language, our development teams will rebuild and integrate new technology to make sure your systems are fully operational and fit-for-purpose.​

Fixing​ – The lack of error detection and associated bugs can cause real headaches. Our developers will put controls in place to detect, track and fix problems, enabling a more effective system.

Fine-Tuning​ – Performance can be affected by inefficient code or network architecture. We’re uniquely placed to have, in-house, both developers and our own hosting & networking engineers, working alongside each-other to diagnose and resolve issues that might be limiting your site.

What issues are you facing?

Functionality​ – Perhaps the platform doesn’t meet your evolving business requirements or the system has been built badly so that it doesn’t do what you need it to do. We can help.

Skills​ – Maybe your project has been undertaken by an agency not capable of delivering it. Or the existing team could have moved on, leaving an inadequate service.​ This is where our team come together to move things forwards.

Relationship​ – Sometimes a breakdown in the current relationship between you and your supplier signals a pause in work. We can pick up and push on with your project, ensuring your budgets, scope and deadlines don’t suffer.

Feasibility​ – If the requirements of the project sit outside the capability of the agency, they might be outsourcing workstreams. Our connected team of experts mean we have joined-up thinking when it comes to delivering all aspects of a project on time and to budget.

Our Process​:

We stand by our assertion that every project can be saved. And we’ve created a fail-safe process that means our team can get to the bottom of what’s really happening:

Discovery​ – Getting immersed in the current project lifecycle, interviewing key stakeholders,  researching current implementations, then re-defining your scope and objectives.​

Plan​ning – Outlining all required tasks, milestones and the timeline for the project. This allows us to then agree and assign roles and responsibilities to our team and yours.

Implementation​ – Allocating the required resource to the project in line with the plan. We monitor progress throughout, giving status updates and taking action to keep things on track.​

Support​ – Keeping up with ongoing system support & maintenance is an essential part of your plan. It allows you to run effectively whilst easily adapting to changing situations

One of the brands we’ve helped

Practice Plan
Practice Plan
  • Project Rescue
  • Bespoke Platform Development
  • Change Management

Creating better business by getting deep insights to find efficiencies across the online and in-person patient experience.

With a legacy CRM that was confusing users, Practice Plan initially coming to us to help rescue their new system project.


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